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Emilio Pucci Sequinned Jumpsuit


Couture harem style jumpsuit in signature Emilio Pucci psychedelic print in a kaleidoscope of colours featuring intricate hand sewn beaded decoration. This garment was bought in a celebrity auction in Paris.

Period: 1960s

Condition: Near Perfect/Mint

Sizing: S

Fabric: Silk

Origin: France

Care: Specialist Cleaning Recommended

Emilio Pucci, (20 November 1914 – 29 November 1992) was a Florentine Italian fashion designer and politician. He and his eponymous company are synonymous with geometric prints in a kaleidoscope of colours.The first clothes designed by Pucci were for the Reed College skiing team. But his designs came to wider attention in 1947, when he was on leave in Zermatt, Switzerland. Skiwear that he had designed for a female friend was photographed by Toni Frissell, a photographer working for Harper's Bazaar. Frissell's editor asked Pucci to design skiwear for a story on European Winter Fashion, which ran in the winter 1948 issue of the Bazaar. Although there had been some experiments with stretch fabrics in Europe before the war, Pucci's sleek designs caused a sensation, and he received several offers from American manufacturers to produce them. Instead he left the Air Force and set up a haute couture house in the fashionable resort of Canzone del Mare on the Isle of Capri. Initially he used his knowledge of stretch fabrics to produce a swimwear line in 1949, but soon moved onto other items such as brightly coloured, boldly patterned silk scarves, he then progressed the designs to blouses and then a popular line of wrinkle-free printed silk dresses. Marilyn Monroe was buried in one of his dresses, and his designs were worn by everyone from Sophia Loren to Jackie Kennedy and latter day pop icons such as Madonna in the early 1990s.